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Any other photographer or videographer you hire will treat your shoot like an ordinary day at the office, but not me! I am here to be actively involved from the moment we first chat, I will help prepare your shoot, refer models, find the absolute best location, bring the energy, make sure we have a killer shoot, get all the content we need and more! As if that wasn't enough I'll also deliver your content in lightning fast speed (I'm not kidding it's kind of my superpower).

But even more than making sure your content is killer, I will be your forever hype girl and your business's biggest fan! I am not here for a one time shoot, I am here to be your #1 fan, the biggest believer of your brand and make sure it comes to life in it's most authentic self!

Since starting my photography business 6 years ago, I have been able to hone in on what fills my cup the most with photography and videography. Working with sustainable, conscientious, female-owned, small business, & adventurous brands are my absolute FAVORITE! Everything from creating mood boards together, scouting locations, helping plan the models, hair, makeup, props, to the shooting day, to then editing and delivering the photos or videos. Bringing your brand and vision to life is what I am all about!


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