You deserve a photographer who feels like one of your closest friends, I'm talking helping you hold your dress up while you pee type of friend or the one who is running to grab my tide-to-go because you spilled sauce on your pants. The type of friend who is on her knees searching in the grass for the ring that dropped (all of those things are true stories btw). Bottom line, I am here to create a lasting friendship with you and make you feel your best on your special day because you deserve it!

I know I am not the cheapest photographer and I know you could easily ask your Uncle Bob who has a "fancy camera" or your friend from college who just stared photography and will do it for half the price. But, truth is, you get what you pay for!

I offer full-service photography which means from the moment you inquire with me, I will be guiding you every step of the way. From finding the perfect location, to creating a timeline that leaves room for alone time and killer sunset photos. Even being your support system when the weather starts causing problems that neither of us saw coming. I will do everything possible to make sure you have a bomb ass day and feel so loved and empowered.

I want to capture the moments that you'll obsess over 60 years from now and will become some of your favorite memories.

If you're down then so am I! Scroll down to check out the packages that I offer and let's make this day unforgettable.   


because you have found the one you love



each package includes...

Pre wedding consultation

Full day coverage

High-resolution images

Whether it’s via Zoom, over the phone or in person over a cup of coffee, I can't wait to help you plan your special day!

From morning to night - starting at 4 hours, tailored to your needs. 

Perfectly sized and ready for you to print at any size and ready to share with your family and friends.

Low-Resolution Images

Online Gallery

Professional Print Shop

Sized and ready for sharing across your social media channels 

A password-protected gallery you can access, anywhere and anytime.

Immediate access to my professional print shop for easy, beautiful, high-quality prints delivered straight to your doorstep




+ 8 Hours Coverage
   I’ll be there from start to finish

+ High resolution photos
   Perfect for print

+ Low resolution images
   Perfect for sharing on social media
+ Online slide show & gallery
   To share with family and friends

+ Online Slide Show with music
   Sit back with a glass of wine and relive the day

+ All photos on a wooden usb
   For easy accessibility and sharing

+ Custom wooden box with prints
   Delivered to your door with TLC

+ Second photographer
   For the whole day, no missed moments

+ Bespoke fine art album
   Hardcover keepsake, 10x10” with all the trims

Best for those who want it all

+ 6 Hours Coverage
   I'll be there from start to finish

+ High resolution photos
   Perfect for print

+ Low resolution images
    Perfect for sharing on social media
+ Online slide show & gallery
   To share with family and friends

+ Online Slide Show with music
   Sit back with a glass of wine and relive the day

+ All photos on a wooden USB
   For easy accessibility and sharing

+ Custom wooden box with prints
   Delivered to your door with TLC

Best for medium & small weddings

+ 4 Hours Coverage
   I’ll be there not missing a beat

+ High resolution edited photos
   Print your favorite moments from the day

+ Online Customized Gallery
   Easily share the love with family & friends
+ One-On-One Help Planning
   Consider me your personal elopement planner: everything from finding the perfect location, vendor referrals, to even signing as your witness, I will help to make sure your elopement is truly special!

+ All photos on a wooden USB
   For easy accessibility and safekeeping

Best for elopements









First we'll chat over the phone or meet for a cup of coffee. You'll get a feel for what it'll be like working together and I will learn about your dreams, visions, and what you value most when planning this special day.

01 /

On the day of your wedding, I’ll arrive early so I can settle in, scout around the location, and say hi to everyone before I start shooting. I want to make sure that everyone (especially you both) are 100% comfortable and absolutely pumped for the day ahead.

02 /

Throughout your day, I’ll be weaving in and out to make sure I catch every precious moment, including moments that went unseen. That quick kiss at the dinner table or tucking that loose strand of hair behind your ear. All the moments that make your heart flutter. I'll also check-in to make sure you both are having the most amazing day ever and if there is anything I can do to make it just 1% better. You'll quickly learn, I wholeheartedly care about each one of my clients and will always do anything in my power to make their day the absolute bestest ever! 

03 /

After your wedding, I want to make sure you have the highest and best quality photos right away! I'll send you 3-5 sneak peek photos within 48 hours after your wedding day!

04 /



You'll never regret having two sets of photographer's eyes

As much as I'd love to clone myself and be in two spots at once, it's a lot easier to get extra coverage & add-on a second photographer. 

We'll team up to make sure that everything is captured, from start to finish, locations far apart. Lastly, having a second shooter will ensure photos are taken of. From ceremony and reception setup, undisturbed by guests, no stress of the groomsmen photos, bridesmaids photos, or wedding party photos, and so many more candid photos throughout the day!

Having a second shooter is truly the perfect solution for creating more time. And unlike most photographers, I care just as much as who I chose for your second photographer so know you will always get a top notch second photographer!

Fine Art Albums, Handcrafted Memories

Delicately crafted from the finest materials and customizable to your liking, let's create your first-ever family heirloom - your wedding album!

Breathing life into all the memories and feelings - the nerves, the excitement, the joy, the tears - your fine art album is a tangible reminder of your special day. For you to hold and to keep forevermore. 

From choosing the album design to handpicking all your favorite photos and moments, we'll weave a spellbinding story that does justice to your romance. I'll guide you through the whole process and we won't send it off to print until you're 100% happy with the chosen layout.

"Thank you so much for the lovely memory box and the photos!! I cannot wait to print some for our collage wall in our home!! You truly did the most amazing job capturing our ceremony and celebration!! We will treasure these forever!! We could not have made a better choice selecting you!!"

Jo & Pete





Let’s create photos you can look back on 40 years from now to remember how those everyday moments were pretty damn special and you are so thankful you have these photos to hold onto forever! Plus you can say, “god damn we are so cute and hot!” We will spend 90 minutes of intentional time together where I am your third-wheel, your hype girl, and will probably say, “you guys are too cute” way too many times… because in fact you are! We will go somewhere that is special to you both, or maybe your go-to date night spots, your favorite adventures you take together, or we can hang at home with your pups - either way I will be there to capture those candid moments that make your relationship so special and unique!



Maternity sessions have become some of my favorite photos to capture! There is just something so special about this transition and new chapter in your life, where you feel so empowered and have an even deeper love for your body and it can do. Whether you want this session to be solo or with your partner, let's create a shoot that feels you and embodies all these amazing transitional feelings! I will help with outfit ideas, location scouting, and help you to create photos you will cherish even after your little one is born.



starting at $750

starting at $650


No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey